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Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a cost effective tool for expanding brand awareness, maintaining customer relationships, promoting sales/ events, and much more. A good email marketing campaign will increase brand recall, increase customer retention, and generate new prospects. A bad email marketing campaign can cost you customers and harm your brand’s reputation. We can develop the right campaign for your business goals that is well perceived by consumers and creates interaction with your company. Email marketing services include creation, setup, and continuous email marketing as required for the duration of the campaign.


Copy Writing Services

Copy Writing

Every piece of communication your company creates is an opportunity to influence a potential customer or strengthen the loyalty of existing customers. From flyers, to webpages, to brochures, and e-mail campaigns, all communication is only as effective as the written words it contains. Well-written copy is persuasive and converts more reader into customers.

Our copy writers has an education in marketing and utilize knowledge from the business owner as well as market research to develop a sense of your target market. This background information provides insight and allows the writers to create compelling copy that speaks to your consumers and persuades readers to take action.

Common requests include copy for: social media/online media, flyers, brochures, case studies, e-books, promotional materials, direct mail, and more.


Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing & Management

Social media sites like Google +, Facebook, and LinkedIn are important tools which create interaction with your brand, drive customers to your website, and generate new prospects for your business. It takes creativity, research, and an investment of time to create effective targeted content that is interesting and relevant to your customers. Social media management allows you to reap the benefits of targeted content without spending countless hours creating it yourself.

We can set-up or manage content on any social media site. We can also assist you in identifying which social media sites are most appropriate for your business. Click here to learn more about Social Media Marketing and Management.


Marketing Strategy Services

Marketing and Promotional Strategy

Our marketing team is available to help you create your brand, evaluate your current marketing efforts, develop innovative marketing strategies to reach more customers, and ultimately to increase your profits. Whatever your goals are, we can help you develop a plan to achieve them. We will talk about your business and discover the marketing efforts which will support your goals.


Brand Development

Brand Development

Your brand is your company’s public image.